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Welcome to this 7 minute presentation about ECN Enterprise Reverse Logistics, or ECN ERL®. In this presentation we will demonstrate ECN ERL® by following one returned product. In this scenario we have a customer, a retailer and a manufacturing company using ECN ERL®. We will see the customer physically retuning a DVD player, to a retail store. This is just one example of ERL® in action. ERL® works with any product recall reason and through any returns channel. A customer brings back a return to a store. This is the magic minute in which the store must respond well. C “It doesn’t work, I’m so unhappy, I bought it last week and it doesn’t work” RA “Oh, that’s no good let me open the returns web site and immediately process a returns claim for you“ For this demonstration we are using “Make Believe” brands to show ERL® enforcing the rules and policies of an imaginary company. The retailer logs onto ERL®. ERL® knows who the retailer is and enforces all the rules and policies between the manufacturer and that retailer. The retailer can create a return by clicking the “create return” link. The retail assistant puts in the date of purchase, and selects the product from a drop down menu (or types in a model number). ERL® shows the product picture and a series of fault checking questions. This allows the retailer to ask the customer questions and reduces the “no fault found” returns. The manufacture can create and alter the parameters in ERL® at any time (we will show you later how this is done). ERL® immediately processes this information to produce an RMA result; here it says it’s been accepted. Now let’s look at how ERL®’s rules engine works if the return was different. Let’s change the date of purchase to 2005- OK ERL® rejects the claim because it’s out of warranty. So let’s change the dates back and then fill in the rest of the form. ERL® instructs the Retail Assistant to add details that the manufactures process demands for that product such as a serial number. If this was a pick up from customer then there would be different fields to fill in, which would lead to a different process, but this DVD is a pick up from store so let’s stick to that process. Now the retail assistant asks ERL® to generate an RMA. This is approved and created instantly online. The retail assistant then prints off the RMA form. The printed RMA form is included in or on the box which the courier will take to the depot, thus ensuring all the information is easily found. ERL® has also automatically selected and ordered the correct transport. This saves more time and reduces errors like sending it to the wrong depot or getting a truck to take an mp3 player. This part of the return process is instant, the customer and the retailer know where they stand, they didn’t have to phone anyone which saves money and can be done at any time, such as late night shopping. RA ”Right, so the policy is that I give you a replacement DVD of the same size and type?” C “WOW, that’s fast. I’m happy.” The customer is happy but now the store has to get the goods back to the manufacturer and reconcile them. As ERL® has already ordered the right courier to go to the right destination, all the shop assistant has to do is put the printed RMA label in or on the box. CC”OK this is my box, ill take it to the warehouse” CC” Hello warehouse, here is your box. Have a nice day The box is scanned and the ERL® automatically finds the same return with all its data. The warehouse changes the status to being receipted (they can do this in ERL® or in their ERP if ERL® is linked to it). Now let’s look at what Make Believe Company can do behind the scenes to alter the parameters of ERL® so that it reflects their changing business needs. Having logged in as an administrator, one can change almost all of the returns system parameters. To illustrate this, let’s view a couple of those parameters, starting with “products”. Here for example we can change the DOA date up and down, and change the warranty period. Also we could set or alter the size or weight of a product, which could be important for selecting transport. Or we could change the value of a product. This would be important if a company had a rule that says “we don’t repair things if they are worth less than 250 dollars”. Let’s look at another behind the scenes setting a manufacturer can change, let’s pick “returns type”. We can create or alter any “returns type” including changing what the returns message to be displayed is, and if it creates a physical return or not. Editing this is very simple, if your admin people can use e-Bay, they can use ERL®. OK let’s return to our story. As well as the site being updated so the retailer can track what happened to the return, the system can also be configured for the retailer to receive a status message…. RA Oh good, that DVD return has been credited back to me. Let me check the details. And the retailer sees data like this. Because everyone has greater visibility this means your credit controller is unusually happy. There is no more arguing about reconciliation, and the stock can be put back into circulation faster thus saving you even more money. ECN ERL® ensures that the return conforms to your process and your rules and that everyone is kept in the loop. This means that your reverse logistics can run as smoothly as your forward logistics. ECN ERL® will: Reduce administrative effort, Reduce errors, Improve visibility of returns Speed up credit processing and reconciliation Enable customer self-service And increase customer and partner satisfaction That is the end of this example of ECN ERL® in action, for more information contact an ECN representative via or phone or email us.